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The Journey
- Inspired by the beauty and wonder of nature's shapes

Once Upon A Time...

A creative mind, Michele Robyn Praden, combined parents idea and what she learnt in school to create Robyngemsandantiques.com – and it soon became a large privately held online gemstones, diamond and bridal jewelry retailer. Our mission: to offer consumers online the highest quality gemstones, diamonds and largest selection at the best price.

For a while now, Robyngemsandantiques.com was famous for having the most discerning eye in the jewelry business. Robyn, a relentless innovator, was determined to marry her heritage with the way people shop today – online.

Today, Robyngemsandantiques.com is the only retailer to present each of its ring settings and more than 150,000 conflict-free diamonds – all hand-selected – in highly magnified HD. In fact, its 360° Diamond Display Technology has caught the attention of diamond manufacturers, giving Robyngemsandantiques.com the first pick of the best gems anywhere. We see the stones first and choose only the best.

Hundreds of customizable styles, 24/7 Customer Service (including the first-ever real-time diamond inspection service where our experts share their screen with customers) and a 100% money-back guarantee are all part of what keep our customers happy. Robyngemsandantiques.com believes in providing meaningful education, friendly support and total transparency every step of the way.

Jewellery always has its own expression by following its own path and attracts an international audience. In the ever changing beauty of nature the inspiration grows and creates magic.

Journey with us, for more enquiry and purchase send a mail at contact@robyngemsandantiques.com or directly to robynadornment@outlook.com

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